ASOS is having a crazy sale!!!!!!!!!!! 

Run run run!!!

 I ordered 5 dresses i'll show you 2 ;)


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Hey Nebby!
I just wanted to know your opinion on ASOS. I also live in the GTA and I was wondering if you can give ur opinion on the quality of merchandise, shipping, etc. I also heard some ppl get charged a customs fee is this true?

-Thanks in advance :)

Nebby said...

this will be my first time ordering from them so as soon as i get the stuff i will be sure to let u know. I have ordered international before and i had to pay custom fees it depends on how much the merchandise is it SUCKS buuuut such is life :(
;) keep u posted

Anonymous said...

Ive ordered from ASOS before, most of the items look better on the website than when you get them. Still I've found some unique stuff on the website. Be careful, if you buy 5 dresses customs will be about $60 bucks or so extra so take that into account. Happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

I've also ordered a couple of dresses from them. I didn't pay any customs fees ( i usually order 2-3 at a time).

Their clothes are great in style but not the best in quality. Also, make sure you read the description of the product you are buying, MOST of their dresses do not have a zipper which has proven to be PROBLEMATIC!
>I had to add zippers to 2 dresses.

Hope you enjoy your purchases :-D!