Fave reader: Michella

Hello My name is Michella Minter. I read your blog from time to time and from what I can tell, recently you've been going through something. Whatever it is you're going through allowed to define the feelings I had  about my own situation. I'm a spoken word poet and I hadn't written in a while you helped me to understand my problem enough to write about it and release my anxe. Thank You! Here is the piece.

I wanna Be Supportive,I do
Be that gets super hard when you're really going through
.....I'm Trippin 
The situation we had, I interpreted it Different
I must be hard to listen
Even Harder to Care
Damn near impossible to pretend that you're aware
I-Dont-Even- Care that I'm verging on passive aggressive
It's not fair that you got everything you needed to get to where you wanted to be
And none of that, had anything to do wit me
I said you hurt my feelings
I lied
What really caught the beating was the depths of my pride
and it'd be different, if in this, I didn't feel so alone
If anyone agreed 
If I knew anyone who felt the same way as me
Instead you're perfect, everyone thinks your great
I'm the one who's crazy is the card you wanna play
No I'm the one you forgot
I'm the one you left
I'm the one who thought there was a meaning to this mess
Woke up found you leaning to the left 
Just about as liberal with my buisness as the day
That's a game I can't play
In the end I prolly did the most
I prolly hurt the feelings of somebody that was close
I can't be only person excepting responsibility for my actions
I can't listen to you tell me, what I feeling is wrong
Refusing to admit fault
Instead of searching for reasons the you're right
You could probaly, Just, APOLOGIZE! 
Thank you Michella!!!


myishisthebomb said...

I really appreciate the look. Thank you!

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