One of the biggest things that irritates me is when people dress in "what's hot" no matter what their body shape is. I'm not with that, never was, never will be. We all come in different shapes and sizes, some of us are blessed up top, some are blessed down low, some are blessed all over, whatever the case may be, it’s a beautiful thing :)
I'm going to start a segment on the blog where I pick different girls that dress according to their body shapes and they look amazing doing it.

My first pick is Miss Nana Gabbana, I think she has a beautiful shape and she picks clothes that work well with her body, here are some pictures:

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When it comes to fashion, it's not always about name brands, all you need is the eye.


Tianna said...

She looks great, you an tell she has big breasts and she masks everything so well. Great post yet again neb!

Everfresh said...

Saunjay likes this

KD said...

I love this concept, cant wait to see more!!!!

Anonymous said...

depends on what "look" your going for though. if your tryna look video vixen yeah.. that's great, but for the corporate world naaah. she needs to slim down her curves... NEVER wear a tube top if your larger than a C cup. it looks to heavy up top. but overall great idea can't wait to see what u come up with for the next post!

Nebby said...

the looks i chose for her are going out looks not so video vixen nothing she's wearing makes anything hang out. The reason i posted the tube top one is because she IS bigger than a C cup and she pulled it off very well!!
she would never wear any of that to work lol
thanks ladies !

Janine said...

Although I'm sure we've all worked places where people have pushed the boundaries of what is appropriate for work, I don't think anyone would think that the 'fits in this post were meant for the office. I think that a busty woman CAN pull off a tubey if she knows how to dress her curves, has a full length mirror and, you know...looks at it before leaving the house. I think miss lady looks great in all the looks pictured here.

xoSR said...

I'm busty up top and I wear tubeys all the time & I absolutely love it! I feel the most sexiest in a tube dress/blouse; and despite how it may look/seem, I wear it to sometimes take away from my chest, cz straps (sometimes) especially tiny ones only enhance the chest area.

Busty girls can wear tubes!

* wooo hoooo for the busty girls *


Janine said...

I don't think there are any fashion rules that say a larger busted woman can't wear a tube top. As long as the foundation garment holds everything together and in place, it's all good. I have biggums and I've worn a tubey and looked damn good in it...if I say so myself. ;-)

mea.banks said...

Agree .. nice post

Anonymous said...

I think she looks aight! I find that her body doesn't match her style all the time. I would like to see her legs covered up a little more as they are a little large for her short dresses. She's not too bad looking but I think she does look like a video chic. Good effort though.