What I'm listening to

Someone asked me to post a list of songs i'm listening to now. I have actually been listening to The Dream (hold your booooo's for a sec) CD for the past few weeks (thanks to Lissa) . With the rumors going on about  what he did you can download his whole CD of amazingness right HERE :)

Side Note:  I don't know what Christina did to him or why he did that to Christina, it's none of my business. Do people even take marriage seriously anymore??? UGH! I still love the shit out of his music tho.



Janine said...

I can't really stand his voice. I don't know what in particular turns me off about it, but I can't...I just can't.

Anonymous said...

What are your favorite songs on the album? I only liked one song from this cheating hippo looking ass nigga and that was Love vs Money 2.