Im every woman debate

..im gonna leave alot of the useless details out -- long story short got a bet going on which version of I'm every woman is better. what you think? The OG Chaka Khan version or The Whitney Houston Cover?
Chaka right.?
disclaimer: it goes without saying that their would be no whitney cover if chaka khan never released this - so don't let that factor into your decision - im only asking which one is better


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TheDeF said...

I can appreciate the simplicity of Chaka's version, but Whitney just put so much more oomph in hers. I really like how she kind of eases you into the song in that way only Whitney can. Kicking up the tempo a little definitely didn't hurt either. Maybe i'm biased because the Whitney version was more my generation. However, I do have a fond appreciation for "old school" music. I still feel like Whitney commanded the lyrics and melody more than Chaka. IMO.

Janine said...

In my humble opinion, there's more to singing that just 'belting' out a song. Whitney did the song justice, no doubt, but the superior version is Chaka's. Something about the melody and her voice that just makes her version timeless. The same can't be said for Whitney's version.

Andy. said...

completely agree..