Te Amo

I guess soft porn with a dash of bi-sexualism is the new ish in videos these days.


Anonymous said...

its all these broads have to offer.

and also...the song is stupid!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blegh, she's so boring, we've seen every naked part of her body *yawn*. It would be more interesting and shocking to see if she put on some clothes and started to act like a lady. But I guess that would bring the attention back to her voice, *evil laugh*.

Anonymiss said...

ROFL @ Anonymous #2 RIGHT!

Please don't tell me the Rihanna train has come back to the Segment... ugh!

I'll say something nice though, I really like that dark lipstick, the white queen in Alice in Wonderland had that look going too, it works so much better for me than that bright Gwen Stefani red.

She should have done Rockstar.

Janine said...

Lesbianism has become a trend people are capitalizing on monetarily...look at Christina Aguilera, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj. It's like the recording dying carcass so the industry are encouraging these women to "admit" they've munched a little box in order to titillate the public, which they hope will translate into record sales. It's insulting to music consumers who have proven time and again that they are smarter than that.