Salute to Merengue, Boston

... if your into food that tastes good you need to check this spot next time your in boston. This was my first time having authentic dominican food an it wont be my last (i think we got about 5 dominicans here in canada so as you can imagine we don't have too many authentic dominican restos to choose from..)
..a quick report card from my visit
the food: A+
the wine: A+
the service: A+
complaints: None, I only wish we had a spot like this in toronto..
I snapped a few photo's for you to check out -Enjoy..
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
big thank you to everyone who recommended this spot..
for more info on Marengue ,Boston click here


Leyla said...

3th picture looks de-li-cious. I thought the Dominicans were well represented in Canada. Maybe because of the hair salons, lol.

Anonymiss said...

I love latin food... yumitty yum yum!

I've been trying to organize a road trip to Boston since 2003... my friends suck lol

Janine said...

Dang it, Andy! Now I'm hungry.