May 28th

(a week away till the iPad launches in Canada..) Any takers?
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
when the iPad first came out I was in Pittsburgh so I headed to the apple store (Shadyside) to check it out....
it was cool an all - but im still on the fence cuz I dont' see how a XXL iPhone that can't make calls fits in with my lifestyle. I have a cell phone and a laptop within arms reach at all times so iThink I might pass...
one things for sure with over a million units already sold apple must have done something right... any iPad owners out there?

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Anonymous said...

the ipad is honestly a waste of money. it's just a bigger version of the itouch. nothing more. yeah its "pretty" but other than that, its just something you can show off. theres no cd drive or usb port, so i dont understand how they can say its something between a laptop and an itouch. sooooo its a waste of time. well if your not someone who uses a lap top a lot then i guess its good for you, but other than that its useless. oh and btw, i bought one when it came out to take it apart. so i never used mine, just having fun experimenting with it. :)