Chiggy's Toronto

Hey ladies *bats eyelashes*
I'm in a sexy mood because i just got my hair done :)
My BFF shannae gave me the heads up so I had to give it a try and I am beyond impressed.

Given all the hair questions I get from all of you I decided to take pictures of the hair process (very brave of me but I love yous and better late than never) so here you go:

Natural hair washed and blow dried, not straightened (clearly) and excuse the no make up swag

The parting/braiding process, as you can see i get the middle of my head done (partial), i little is left from the bottom (so i can be able to put it up in a pony tail) and the top (to have it fall on top of the braids)

The after result, I used two packs of the virgin straight hair in 22-24 (first time going that long) and don't judge my morning face.

Back view

This is the package the hair comes in.

*ahem* being Moroccan and all I left with some Moroccan oil products (they are the TRUTH!)

Not only is what I paid to get it done nearly half of what I  used to pay, but it's the bomb.com I'm walking around looking like a REAL yet better version of Kim Kardashian (lol you know they get weaved up too). 
Chiggy's work with ALL hair types. Even if you have long hair already and you just wanna give it that sexy  long/full victoria secret look, you walk in there get you a couple of rows and you are good to go.

Tell Patience that Zineb sent you for the ultimate hook up! (details at the bottom of the post)

Chiggy's Touch Salon in downtown Toronto. They've been featured on ET Canada and Cosmo TV. The owner, Patience is a very inspirational and successful young woman.

Its $130 to put in a weave, they use the net method that celebs like Gabby U rave about and its the method most commonly used in New York. The "Net Method" allows your weave last longer and it protects your braids from being pulled or damaged underneath! 
They work with all hair colours and types (white girls, black girls, asian girls- come one come all!) and they can do everything!

Chiggys is located at 184 Davenport Rd (Lower Level) Toronto and their Phone Number is (416) 619-5477.  

They also offer standard hair styling services and in fact, they are best known for doing Curly Hair 

Chiggy's will give you 10% off of regular products and services
(They carry everything - Mixed Chicks, Moroccan Oil, you name it!) 

They also sell their own Virgin Hair and if you get your weave done at Chiggy's they will give you "Buy one pack, get the second pack for 50%" 

Feel free to give Chiggy's a call at 416-619-5477 to book your appointment or visit ChiggyOnline.com. And if downtown is out of the way, they also have a location in Barrie... ask about it!

Thank you Shannae and Chiggy's !!!!!



Jai said...

Wow, you're hair looks amazing!! Hmm I think I'm def gonna have to consider getting some weave or extensions now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol @ ''bats eyelashes''.

Your hair looks gorgeous and yes MoroccanOil products rule!

Loved the post about one of my favorite subjects! Merci, merci!!!

@Shannae: Hi! : )

Toney said...

NICE!!!! thanks neb!

Anonymous said...

hey neb! how much does a pack of virgin hair go for? I'm assuming it's $130+ the cost of hair right?

Nebby said...

yes it's 130 plus hair it depends on the length you want. call Patience and ask, she's super helpful ;)

Anonymous said...

hey nebby
where can i get moroccan oil products for a good price?

Nebby said...

hey anonymous! u can get em at chiggy's she has all of them, plus u can use the discount

Anonymous said...

you have nice hair though girl why do the weave?

Natalie said...

aww how sweet of you to take pics of the process! Your hair looks great


Leese said...

it looks amazing i'm definitely going to give them a call. thank you for sharing

Erica said...

I was just wondering how many packages of weave did you use for your hair?

♥ Donna Vitan said...

Thanks for sharing the process. Your hair is super amazing and sexy! That would be my dream hair but I've never gotten a weave before... having you share this process, fills me and doesn't scare me. So I guess I'm a step closer towards this and Chiggy's might be just the right place to go.

And yeah, how many packages to get your full hair?

Anonymous said...

How does the "parting" process work as pictured in your post? You really had to use a net ontop of that? I'm confused.

Desiree said...

Your hair came out so fucking gooood! And the price isnt even bad. You ever try Kinky Curly products? ps, thanks for the follow on tumbler (deeraywaslike) :]

Nebby said...

thank yous :)
nooo i never tried that...do explain tho

Anonymous said...

I'm not from canada..do you know any places to get the weave did in boston???


Nebby said...

Yes!! Blu salon in Quincy one of my good friends Shannica owns it she's gooooooooood

Nebby said...

Yes!! Blu salon in Quincy one of my good friends Shannica owns it she's gooooooooood

Anonymous said...

hello Nebby.

I'm a follower of yours on your blog The Segment and i saw your blog on Chiggys and i'm super interested in getting my hair done there... my only concern is i am super super protective when it comes to my hair to the point that i cut my own hair,

dye my own hair ...

and my boyfriend isnt' allowed to really touch my hair lol... jk.

it's just i had really bad experiences in the past and i want my hair to be fuller and thicker but i'm scared that the extensions will break my hair..

I want to do the same ones that you did and i was wondering if you are really happy with the results that you have?

i know you wouldn't promote anything that you didn't like but for a person like myself who is super careful with my hair... would you recommend Chiggys for me to get my hair done??

thanks so much


deeraywaslike said...

well idk what type or texture your hair is mine is naturally curly (not so much now that I ruined it) but more so when I put really good products in it, I've never tried kinky kurly but I have tried mixed chicks and liked it but I think I will like kinky kurly better since it's like a curl booster


there is a video there on how to use it and how it comes out...I'm going to try it in hopes that it will help my curls form better.