Tika Paprika

Tika happens to be one of my favorite bitches in Toronto. You might also be familiar with her from MTV after show where she fundamentally gets paid to be a loud opinionated bitch. She's also a remarkable artist (I had the honor to hear some of her new music and let's just say OOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEE!)
Anyone that knows Tika, knows that whether you love or hate her you just can't help but tip your hat to her since she is one of the realest people. Of course she pisses me off when she says offensive shit once in a while but I do love the trick.
She used to have a blog called HI HATER! Where she basically roasted mothafukers in the nicest/funniest way and now she's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Bookmark this shit cuz I sure as hell did.


Tika Paprika said...

AHHHH!!!! NEBBY!!!! LOL. I fucken LOVE a real bitch!!! You are one of my favorite ppl in the city, Lady! Thanks for the love. *Hugs Tight + ALALALALALAAAAAAA* xoxoxox

Anonymiss said...

so @ the sex and the city event, she yelled at some dude at the bar... I said thank you cause I was thinking "man I wish someone would tell this retard something"