Gourmet Food & Wine expo/ D-one Restaurant

 We got our tickets and we are ready for some wine! Complimentary tickets now we feel a little special.
 Then we see how many special people there actually were and now we don't feel so VIP.
 But we finally get in and i'm happy.
 Vice was the first wine/vodka i ever tasted. It was a lil strong for my taste.

 Ivanhoe got that gooooooood cheese...seriously.
 Haaaaaay say hi to IAN! my plus 1 haahaha

 I then spotted a NUTELLA HEADQUATERS!!!! i def had to go there

 Off to catch the train to plan # 2....
 I get to my mom's restaurant and I see her having damn near a party with my co workers, a belly dancer and all.

 After watching for a little you can not help but get up and join. We had an amazing time and ate sooooo good. Drank that gooood moroccan tea, smoked that sheesha and ate some more and danced it off. SO FUN!!!!  Hi Zahra! muah

If you live in toronto and want to check out the restaurant it's called D-One and it's located on Greenwood and Danforth.  1328 Danforth Avenue.


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