Fashionably Yours

Have you ever wanted a top of the line dress that you only want to wear to an event or an amazing bag or better yet SHOES but didn't really wanna drop the full cash on it???
Have you ever looked around and noticed designer items that were given to you by an ex boyfriend that you wouldn't mind selling or even trading for something else that DOESN'T remind you of his ugly face?? No? is that just me?? lol

Clean out your closets and fill your pockets!!!

Fashionably Yours Designer Consignment Boutique will sell your (and your boyfriend’s) unwanted, unworn and/or gently loved designer, apparel, accessories, sunglasses, shoes, and bags!
In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make a few extra bucks and a true fashionista won’t let the economy affect her style. Style is eternal and the shopping must go on! Let us help you turn your shopping habit into cash and at the same time keep you looking fashionable!
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get rid of those items that are taking up space in your closet; that dress that you never wore, the shoe that will never fit, the bag that you got as a gift and all your fabulous dresses that the Facebook paparazzi has seen too many times!!
Fashionably Yours is the first ever boutique of its kind in Toronto, specializing in selling your designer apparel and accessories all year around, catering to the young, the trendy, the fabulous!!
Need to get Red Carpet ready for that special event, wedding or date? Fashionably Yours will help you find the perfect dress for any event and find the outfit perfect for your body type. From casual to cocktail, classy to sexy.
Free pick up service available to our consignors. Our wardrobe professionals will come to your home and help you clean out your closets and fill your pockets. Check out the Styling & Consulting section or call for full details.
I suggest you judge it for yourself. Visit the website HERE for more info or go to the store and see if something catches your eye, tell em' Nebby sent ya.

Happy Shopping ;)


Nita said...

yes! yes! and yes! I keep them in a box. I got some shoes, and well, the lingerie can get thrown away, but of course the bags and clothes and his fancy expensive shit that reminds of him, besides hearin his name all the dame time...I'd be willing to do it Nebz. Plus since Im going to Canada for the first time in April, I'd love to see this store and donate. Im sure the less fortunate or paycheck to paycheck ppl like bargains. Im not into fashion all like that anyways.

P.S. do they accept old photo's of ex-boyfriends and us? I don't want those either #KeepinItReal


Anonymous said...

Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories........................
Designer Sunglasses

Nebby said...

:) go ahead nita!!!

Anonymiss said...

*looks up at the top of this page* uh. k. lol.

Hey Nebby, what happened to your e-sale?

Nebby said...

soon come my dear. my plate is soooo full!!