DJ Lissa Monet Photoshoot

This past Friday I was asked by Lissa to work with her team on the styling and overall vision for her shoot with Photographer Dwayne Evans. I obviously said yes!!!!
As soon as I got there I met with the stylists that were already there we exchanged ideas/clothes/accessories and came up with some amazing concepts.
I of course don't know how to keep my mouth shut so you know I was loud and outspoken about every single vision I had for Lissa, from bubble gum shots to how she should wear her pants.
Let's just say I can't wait for the final pix to come out because I know for a fact that we KILT (yes I said kilt) IT!
Please don't mind the quality of the pix as they are all taken with my Blackberry.

Thank you to Lissa for the amazing opportunity, for trusting my visions, to all the amazing people I met that night, Wing Machine and the non stop laughter we all shared.
We shall work together again soon !


Tanya said...

great job guys! she looks great!!

Mama Nshuti said...

Lissa stays lookin fly all day eveyday!


Nebby said...

:) this is true and you lookin mighty foine yo self ;)

PRIS said...


coco said...

ohhh! congrats guys! can't wait to see the finished product!!!