a Stranger in London

Know any unique resto's, pubs or attractions I should visit? let me know..


Anonymous said...

oooh fun! lik + neon of course!

also... use yelp.co.uk :)

Anonymous said...

shoreditch, brick lane on sundays, rough trade records, dover street market.

Jojo said...

Hey there!

Love the blog, and as I'm from the U.K. thought I'd give you some ideas of places to go.

Camden in north London is good for markets and loads of cheap and different types of shops

In White City, also north, is Westfields, a huge shopping centre.

In Hyde Park for Xmas and December time, theres the Winter Wonderland, if you like that sorta thing.

Generally go and do all the touristy things like go on the London Eye, go see the London Dungeons...thats if you can get about in the snow :P

Andy. said...

Thanks all, didn't get a chance to do everything listed here but made it to a few spots.

thx again for your help,