London, England!

Only had 6 days in London so I did the best I could to see as much of the city as possible.. my days were usually spoken for with work & meetings but in my free time I managed to make it out to a few restos, pubs and tourist attractions. few photos of my trip below.
Stayed at the new eco friendly hotel Rafayel that overlooks the River Thames.. highly Recommend checking their rates if your hunting for places to stay in London. Shot of the Lobby.
they put me up on the 7th Floor, beautiful room - no complaints
standard hotel bedroom shot
after doing a bit of travelling this year I've really started to pay attention & appreciate the little details some hotels offer -things like a good assortment of mags in your room can be super helpful when your trying to get acquainted in a new city.
standard double decker bus picture... just one of those things you gotta take a picture of when your in London.
didn't' have much spare time but got a chance to visit Westfeild mall - Massive mall with standard mall stores..so it just takes way longer to get everywhere.fun.
apparently I should have got an "Oyster Card"?? Rookie mistake.. this worked just fine though
Platform photo
"Mind the gap mate!"
Incredibly efficient transit system. light years ahead of what we have in Toronto.. (probably light years ahead of whats available in most cities around world.)
wasn't prepared or this..........?
this vue on my daily walk to breakfast.. London's famous waterway. River Thames.
Hotel bar/My nightly getaway
got a few more touristy photo's I might post another time...
peace for now,


Janine said...

SO jealous right now. London is my dream vacation destination. The photos, as usual, are amazing.

Anonymous said...

great pics! what do you use to photoshop?

Material Girls said...

Amazing! =)


Andy. said...

thank you.

Anonymous said...

great photos! you're alwayas traveling!! what exactly do you do that makes you travel? (because i want that job)

Andy. said...

I work in the product portfolio of the Telecom industry. (which is a long winded way to say i work with cellphones) right now im a Marketing, Manager working with a specific distribution channel ( the job isn't really a travel oriented job) but im basically a team off 1 so when my boss says we need to go to XYZ to do XYZ I start packing.

2010 was odd, I travelled more this year for work then i had ever travelled my whole career.. not sure it will be the same next year but who knows...

thx for the compliment about my photo's