Damn son...where'd you get that?

We first saw this shirt in early February when Kanye West wore it to the studio recording of 'We are the World' and since then the buzz has been non-stop for the Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy shirt.
Riccardo has definetly put a 2010 twist on your basic Tartan Plaid shirt.

I think, this shirt is craaazy and the real thing is probably an arm and a leg.
So if you guys are dying for an inspired piece, don't wait for your favourite retailer to bootleg it.(*coughs @ Forever21).

Get creative:With a gentle used Tartan Plaid shirt from your local thrift store & a bag of studs & spikes ( i don't gotta tell you guys the rest)...

Peep Kanye's New Blog : HERE
Peep Givenchy's Men Collection : HERE



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