I'm Sorry

I got a bbm from Andy last night that read "...Are you gonna write ever again?" lolz

I'm sorry for neglecting the blog, I don't have a series of excuses for you that would explain why i haven't been writing and it's not like I'm sooooo busy, I have been living life to the fullest and enjoying my time here on this earth. i DID say when I just started the blog that I'm kinda sorta bi-polar and sometimes I get excited doing other shit but as soon as I feel like coming back to talk about some more thangs I will ;)
It might be tomorrow it might be next month.


Anonymous said...

Neb I know how you feel, sometimes as a blog reader I can stay up all night reading blogs and then other times days pass without me going on the computer, just know that ur blog is sexy and fun to read :) keep up the good work


Anonymiss said...