we reminisce over you: Nike Baskball "Freestyle" ad

Now that were only hours away from all-star weekend I wanted to pay tribute to my favourite ad of the decade. Not only did this Nike Freestyle campaign embody the definition of creativity; it kept me busy for weeks practicing these tricks... hats off to the creative directors for these flawless ads Im sure we've all seen this before but walk with me down MEMORY LN… andy, happy all-star weekend basketball fans ..........Oh an happy valentines day weekend to the rest of you... twitter.com/whatnowandy


Nadiya V said...

Hey Andy,

What an amazing Ad and great timing in celebration of All Star Weekend. I know you share appreciation for these creative bits and I thought to share one with you. My professor at the School of Design actually featured this one in class today. Enjoi.

"Aids Graffiti"

Cass said...

Thanks for that Andy... took me down memory lane for real. This commercial has always been the truth.
P.S. I've made an attempt to try all the moves too, lol.

Happy All Star Weekend... I am so amped!!! :)

Andy. said...

thanks for the link.. it's a great concept -- and really delivers the message with 0 words.

Good find! Share more if you have any others…


Andy. said...

cass - i think everyone tried to do these moves -- its was cool then and all but looking back on it.... i should have been working on my jumper lol


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

where the heck are you guys? It's been a week since y'all have posted some new shit. I need my Segment fix!!!!!