Kenza put up a TUMBLR post a while back and I'm still seeing get re-blog'ed by so many people. I know I loved it, I didn't know everyone relates tho lol. 
Here it is:


1.Being a “barbie” is not cute. Nicki was popppin til she started that shit, now im pissed off.
    2. Long ass nails all curled up with your retro designs- go awaaaay.
      3. People, stop surrounding yourselves with lames and thinking “damn these people are wack, thank god im the only cool one in this group”. oh but your not. your just as lame as the motherfuckers you roll with.
        4. Fighting is not cute wether it be with the same or opposite sex. Respect yourself enough to not have to deal with that shit. If people get outta hand with you, smack a hoe/nigga like the bitch they really are and keeeep it moving. all that small talk, save it for the kids.
          5. FAKENESS- lol just stop it.
            6. Keep yourself happy cause no one will do a better job at it then yourself.
              7. “i need a man” “i need a wifey”, um no hunny you need to study or join a club. do you and the rest will fall in place.
                8. If you got it flaunt it but if you don’t please sit your ass down. 
                  9. The people i surround myself with are 100 times better than yours. Dont ask cause i wont tell and dont assume cause you will be wrong.
                    10. Love yourself Love yourself Love yourself <3


                    Nicki said...

                    I reblogged it! I love it! :D

                    Anonymous said...

                    Saw it on Tumblr, I love the little lists she makes there. She finished one with 'thanks for being nosy', lol, made me feel like a voyeur. Where did she go on Twitter? Focused on her study? Good luck Kenz!

                    Anonymous said...

                    crab dip at J-A's

                    TiffanyMonet said...



                    mea.banks said...

                    This post is amazin. and so is that 4 cheese spinach dip from kelseys !