i stumbled on this and thought i would share but i don't have much time to blog (copy and paste to the rescue)... check it out let me know what you think.. To use square, you simply load up the app, insert the card swiper, enter in the amount of the transaction and swipe the card. You can enter in a note with a description of the item or even take a quick picture of the item(s) you are selling. Note, if you don’t have the card swiper you can enter the card in manually. The person paying for the transaction can then sign for the items right on the iPhone screen, and choose whether or not to receive the receipt via email or SMS message. No paper is necessary. When you receive the receipt, it will show you the GPS location of where the transaction is made. This is very helpful for fraud prevention. Also, for every transaction, $.01 is donated to the charity of your choice. (via. blackweb20.com) you should be able to learn more or get startedhere andy, im about to collect from everyone that ever owed me a dime..

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