My Rules

“ …When you accept the lessons that life brings you, no matter how unpleasant or challenging they may be, you take the crucial first step toward finding your true self and your purpose. You begin to cultivate the essential attitude of openness”- Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. Lately, well once in a while I go through phases where I distance myself from everything/everyone, I step back and look from the outside at everything that is happening around me and try to analyze it the best I can, just to weed out the bad and cherish the good. I started to feel as if I’m off a little bit, being the Libra scale that I am you would think that balance comes natural but it’s actually the biggest thing I lack. I packed a bag and headed to my mom’s house for my days off where I did nothing but talk. I talked to her about EVERYTHING, we cried we laughed and most importantly we came up with a solution on how to balance everything around me. I then went to the book store and picked up a couple of books one of them that caught my attention was titled “IF LIFE is a GAME, THESE are the RULES” By: Cherie Carter-Scott. ($15) I picked up this book on Thursday and so far I’m loving it! There are 10 rules and she breaks them down, my original goal was to read 1 rule/day but I find myself just continuing to read without stopping. I wanted to let you in on it so if you are going through anything or if you just want to take some time to stop everything around you I highly recommend this read. It’s not long it’s a small book and you can read all of it in one day if you want. xoxo Neb


Tianna said...

aw thanks neb!! you really are a great person!

Natalie said...

Thanks for this I am kind of doing my weeding out too and not feeling so good about it..

Anonymiss said...

You know, the older I get the more lonely I feel cause I just have to keep cutting people off. And it's really difficult for me to meet new people as I don't really head down town much and it's impossible to meet people in the suburbs just randomly. Especially to meet new females to just hang with, very close to impossible for me, I just don't know how to go about doing it you know?

It's great that you have that with your mom, I would give up a gaggle of friends for a closer relationship with my mammy.

As for the book, I live at INDIGO so I'll make sure to scoop it next time I'm there and leave you my review lol.

Nebby said...

no prob ladies and thank you Tianna!
Anonymiss i def. can understand what you are saying it's not so much cutting people off tho, it's just you have to step back once in a while and analyze your situations, on a better note read the book and let me kno your reviews are always appreciated ;)

Ackee said...

i'm a libra too and i swear i lack balance. and i often find myself taking frequent steps away from everyone and everything for a few hours at a time just to analyze, think and review things.
i completely agree with anonymous. im so shy and living out in the suburbs, if it ain't your neighbour or an old friend, you're not meeting anyone new and i also don't know how to go about it.
i'll def pick up the book. ive been looking for a new book to read that can be applicable to my life and put to use.

Nebby said...

im glad you can also relate i think it's most important when taking that step back to take note of whats REALLY important to you. My mama said that i should balance everything BUT give credit where its needed such as prioritize fam/school/work thennnnn balance the rest