Palm: Let' me show you how to do this son..

Lets not forget Palm was the first company to pair touch screen technology to a mobile device (Palm Pilot - did you really think it was Apple? ) Palm has definitely had their ups and downs.. but with the introduction of the Palm Pre - they have once again captivated the masses by fusing next generation technology with a beautiful device.. should be quite interesting to see how many users power down their iphones and blackberrys and make the switch to Palm.... See the FULL CES Presentation here Palm video: product Demo and webinar... For Canadian consumers excited about the Pre... dont' put your iphone or blackberry on Craig's list yet.. we wont see this device for quite some time... the launch dates are as follows : Launch date in the US: REALLY REALLY REALLY SOON (Sprint) Launch date in CANADA: FAR FAR AWAY andy, since they all fall in my Palm... ill take a pre (please)


natalie·kelly said...

no no never! BB4lyfe

Anonymiss said...

WTF man i JUST got a blackberry lol

not that it would matter though, y'all have a whole social network on the crackberry, i have ONE person lol, im sure the transition wouldnt kill me ;-)

Anonymous said...

i heart palm im a original treo girl from the 600 series lol then to the 755.. then after numerous issues, relegated to the BB.. But im excited to see this Pre in action!