this will make ya smile

a friend of a friend went to Jamaica for March Break here's some pics from her vacation that she thought people might enjoy LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

What is your contact information?


bryan be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

HAHAHAHAH LM!!!AAAAOOOOOO this is fucking great! I've laughed so much today, holy crap.

kenzathegreat said...

oh bryan im glad this made someone laugh as much as me ! hahaha

Anonymous said...

LOLLL. hopefully Nebby will come back with more funny things!

Natalie said...

lol chicken & tings you gotta love the Carribbean [except the word.. I can never spell it right lol]

If Likkle wata was sold over here, some people would probably think it's a flavour lol