The New NANO by TATA

referred to as the "peoples car" this this extremely fuel efficient 32-horse power beast will take you up to the maximum blazing speed of 75mph(0 - 50 in 17seconds) emitting less pollution then a scooter. available in manual transmission with no ac this 4 door "family" go kart will set you back $2300 USD (tax in)which makes it the worlds cheapest car... currently in production in India the TATA NANO is anticipated to be available in north America in 2011 - 2012.. check this test drive ... more nano? click here the question is simple: would you buy this car..? my answer: (im actually torn on this one) at this price it's hard not to consider owning this car.. but im a huge advocate for quality and safety.i'm sure it beats taking the bus... but is it safer then taking the bus? im assuming to offer the car at such an affordable price every possible corner must have been cut.. (i could be wrong).. one things forsure i wont be rushing to the dealership to pick one of these up but who knows maybe ill buy one andy, my dream nano = black with tinted windows

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Tia said...

It looks like a squished Toyota Yaris which is already small as it is. I love my Yaris, but I must admit that I get kinda scared when I'm driving and there is two transport trucks on both sides of me and the wind is blowing. I wouldn't go any smaller than a Yaris or any other hatchback out there right now-you never know where the wind will take ya!