the good people @ RoundTable present: 2000 Til w/ PPLUS & Starting from Scratch..

2000 Til is hands down my all time favorite party in the city.. it's been on hiatus for months now but this friday it's back (hi haters)..oh an they got a tight DJ line up PPLUS & Starting from Scratch(teamin up for the first time ever..) fan of good music? Please believe I am... see you Friday shouts to the whole RT family for always having clean,well organized hip hop events (this does not go un.noticed) Andy, "I swear this right here is history in the making man.."

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Anonymiss said...

i used to hit that event up like a habit. it was off the chain from what i remember, good clean fun as they say. i bet by this point in time everyone that goes knows everyone else, Andrew sure knows how to throw a party.