andy's chi town re.cap | photo's in black and white

I'v been back in T.O for a few days now just haven't had the time or energy to re.cap my chi town trip.. i have a feeling this is going to take up a lot of time ..but i got a hour to spare so lets do this... [click on the photo to make it larger] Trip highlights Day 1 got into chicago in the late afternoon did the whole check into to hotel (stayed at Hotel 71.. great place w/ helpful staff n all that jazz) that night went to this dope lil blues/jazz spot had no clue who the dudes were who were performing but they tore that shit up ( never heard the blues/jazz live? go check it out..feel good music for real)
Trip highlights Day 2 woke up early and went over to Sheds Aquarium - I hadn't been to an Aquarium in years but was quickly reminded how ill shit was once i got there a short walk up the street from the aquarium ..the Chicago Car show as going down... had to check that out.. the venue was massive took about up about 4hrs... well worth it
Finished the day with a lil shopping on Michigan ave. care of the Ralph Lauren Mansion - was surprised to find out Ralph Lauren has an extensive line that dedicated to home decor
Trip highlights Day 3
Back to Michigan Ave n Milwaukee ave for a full day of shopping with a lil sightseeing (im talkin 10 am - 8pm type shit)..so many stores (for any one from Toronto: Michigan ave is equivalent to Bloor st [but bigger&better] an Milwaukee is equivalent to Queen st) long story short I didnt' buy much (surprisingly)
broke up the day nicely with a quick stop at Starbucks ... and off to the JohnHancock tower to see the city from a different angle
Day 4 highlights... (i was right about this shit taking long to post) Too much to do.. not enough time - started the day at the Art Institute of Chicago + Millennium park to check the Bean (??)..
met up an kicked it w/ this dude for lunch he introduced me to this lil restaurant that served Juniors cheesecake... (anyone who has ever had juniors cheesecake knows what time it is ri about now) no doubt i cleaned my plate... quick stop to check the Lego land store..
Day 5... 9:35am flight back to Toronto (YYZ)
I didnt' get into every thing I got a chance to do/see... This re.cap is missin a whole bunch of details an photo's... like restaurants i ate at or night spots i visited but i dont' got time to get into all that...just know that all in all Chicago's the shit if you haven't been GOOOOOOOO ! Common ft Kanye West - Go Uploaded by Andy
Andy, it's 4am now an I'm glad this is over.. damn


lipstick cherry said...

yay! looks like u guys had fun =)
love the photos by the way =)

Anonymous said...

what I said seems to never extinguish...

Andy. said...

coolest kid out, baby word to chuck english - drake

had a feeling someone was gonna say that..

kenzathegreat said...

oh yessss, evan <3