Im not gonna diss.miss this shit.. an act like this shits not whats up...

cuz this shit is official... an they used one of my favorite beats of all time (c'mon now).. I might not see eye to eye with a few ppl on my next statement... but f'real im not a weezy fan at all (i'm not gonna fake it for ya'll)... but those drake verses.. no doubt - shits on point (i can't deny gd muzik..)
ignorant shit - drake ft lil wayne ( i was geek'd when i heard the chris paul rookie of the year reference) Andy, first thing i'mma do is free nebby.. go


A! said...

lol @ free nebby.

yeah this song is pretty hot.

Royal said...

I totally agree. I never eff with Weezy, but this is by far the best I've heard him in years.