Happy Hova Holiday!!!

It's official. Today is the Jay-Z concert. Kenza has been watching you tube videos non stop and even set up a count down O_O she's trully obsessed, she keeps mention how shes gonna foam at the mouth LMAO. I on the other hand. I'm excited too but i just dont get too excited about thing like normal people do. I wish I did tho aw well. The segment will be IN THE BUILDING LIVE ON LOCATION reportin VIA Twitter, follow us so you can see what I mean, if not at least @kenzaaah cuz she will be HILARIOUS I know it. Oh yea...Happy Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Nebby! Girl Kendra is not the only one, ya'll better be youtubing J. Cole videos too, granted he is only the opener for all 10 mins of the show but dude is one to be watched out for! If i see ya'll i'll come over and say hi..and noooo don't be thinking i'm a stalker mmmkay!
Have fun, It'll be a helluva helluva night...Niks

AnitaH SparkZ said...

lol that's so funny that your sister did that cuz I did the same thing.....me and my mother in law were watching the new jay video with A.Keys and then I just started you tubin' a bunch of other jay videos....lol

this is the 3rd time i'm seeing him....mason or no mason...I can't deny Jayz is ill......

If I recognize you I'm a holla at u and introduce myself Nebby!


Anonymous said...

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