Shuffle Hoppin'

She helped herself to changing the radio stations This young lady here liked dancing with us Had Eva twirling The two munchkins givin each other luv, Coco looks hella guilty Eva saw something she didnt like lol Will saw something he likes Rache backin it up The crowd Trexx on the bar cayote ugly style JIMMY!!!! Chola Coco Locita, she's officially in Coco & Jimbo Rache Moi and Be. She was GAWN Dance for me Jimmy, i like it Likkle Kiki, Jimbo & Nebula My Shooooooees & Kiki's Shooooooees She won the cuttest Lissa dancin on me She ripped will's shirt off What is wrong with this pic?! mm hmm real sexy like PhotoNeb Kenwyn!!!!!!!!!!! He reads my blog all the time and he said he luved it so i told him i luved him! Lowe! LALALLALALALALLALALAL Kenwin kept finding monies and putting it in my pocket lol He stays exclusive tho cuz he's a teacher hahahhaha *awwwwwwwwww* 3's a party Injured finger Mr. and Mrs. I did a lil photoshoot for em TIRED OF The COMPLAINING There she is!! happy again!! Coco explaining to her that she is acting like a wild animal and she needs to tone it down :) Outrageous, she misses the street car by an inch weird alien flick I would pull her in and she would put herself out When in doubt, sing out loud WE HAD A BLAST!! Girls night out should be done AT LEAST 4 times a month lol xoxo


Mary said...

i think this made my decision a bit easier........i think i WILL attend shuffle next month :)

The Definition said...

Aww, you guys remind me of me and my friends.....looks like it was a blast.

Kenwyn said...

My palm got put on BLASSSTT!! Palm readers all over the world know my life story now...lol. Good times! Next time...I owe you a smiling picture..

coco said...

time of my LIFE!!! lover uuuuu! Can't wait till the BIG MOVE! Move over y'all there's about to be a new domestic diva in town!



the BRAZEN HUSSY diaries... said...

Uggggh I can't believe I missed out on girls night bc I had to work the Pitbull concert.

I will be at the next outting for sure.

Girls gone wile! lol


Lees said...

you and your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!