Fave Reader: Anonymiss

Anonymiss says:

"How come, no more anonymous posting ? what if i have no blogspot, or any of those other live journal, AIM thingies? i have opinions to share! lol



I say:

I took the anonymous feature off because i received a childish/rude/unnecessary comment from an anonymous person so i decided to take off the anonymous option, a couple of days ago i researched the IP address and i know exactly who it is, i wont share that info with anyone not even my close ones so instead of cussing and calling them out, i decided to keep the info on lock and keep it moving, but i did miss what Anonymiss (who i know the real name to now) had to say about different posts so i'm going to say I VOTED AND THE ANONYMOUS OPTION IS BACK!



Anonymiss said...

holy, I'm like, yo why didn't I get some kind of acknowledgment e-mail or something lol.

Thanks for letting us anonymous people voice our opinions without having to be part of the network (if I had a blog it wouldn't be as entertaining as this one lol)


Anonymous said...

Yeah everytime i tried to leave a comment i couldn't. So i just gave up. Lol

Anonymous said...

I think I'm amazing. And when I say "I", I mean, "Bryan Espiritu".

ah fuck, I ruined it.

known by many namez said...

thats why readers love nebb.

shes so clever