First, Firsts - Go Rangers

When given the option I like to kill a few hours on Sunday morning digging through my closet trying to clean up an sort things out before the rigours of another work week.-- Stumbled on a personal artifact this morning that took me back to an era when I had a lot more free time and a lot less responsibility -- To remind me of home (after moving from T.X to T.O) this was one of the first things I bought in Canada. At the time it was too big for me. (I couldn't even wear it) It ended up being one of the many "you'll grow into it" pieces I owned growing up... I grew into it, grew out of it, lost it (but never lost love for it), and now that the Texas Rangers are in their first World Series I'm glad I found it.. -Go Rangers.
-click the photo to view in hi-res


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

how bout them s.f giants!! woohoo

Andy. said...

:( Congrats SanFran.