One of them days...

It all started on sunday night i worked on a project with two nitwits (you gotta be from Boston to really know how i mean this word in this specific sentence) still luv em tho dont get me wrong.

Any-who we were working on the Marketing Plan until 5:35AM!!!! i was soooooooo tired but i did not wanna crash at Adam's house cuz my house is only 15 minutes away so i drove home but i promised Adam and Luis that i would pick them up later on at 7:30AM so we can get to class at 8 (2 hrs of sleep) so i woke up at 7:45 and called them of course they were still asleep and told them to hurry the fuk up so we can make it to class on time and turn the damn project in....im driving there and the weather is horrible, freezing rain and black ice eveeeeerrrrrrryyyywhhherree im so nervous cuz i can not control my car so i see the house and I'm good now cuz i finally made it i turn this curve to take me up the street to the house and what happens?! the car slips uncontrollably and hits a fucking tree i saw the whole thing happen in slow motion and i could not stop it =(

i stayed in the car fought with the steering wheel for about 5 minutes and came out the car to look at it it was so bad that i couldn't help it and i sat down on the snow and cried ='(

i called the boys to tell em and they saw it and felt so bad and until this day blame themselves (it is a a little bit their fault because i actually wanted to call them in the morning and tell them to take the bus but i felt bad because i promised) The police came and slipped on the curve too but didn't hit no tree cuz i was already there...the tow truck came, then took me to get a rental which by the way gave me a soccer mom mobile I HATE IT oh and big PS: did not even make it to school until 12pm and dropped the project at the business office and had to call Mrs. mueller to explain what happened. *rolls eyes*

anyway so this is the outcome....

as you can see the car parts are scattered all over and we tried to put the bumper back on....wasnt happening..



see all the dirty/filthy snow from the window?!...at least we have a nice view

later on that night got even worst with the snow

then i let B know about the situation and he made me feel a little better, gotta luv him for that

This is B eating chicken lol hehehe

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