It's Friday night and the party was NOT jumpin'

So Andy Andy & I decided to go to the movies.
we get to the movies... but of course he didn't check the playing time, our original plan was to watch "Semi-Pro" but then we already missed it and the next movie that caught our attention was "Bank Job" for 7pm. The time was 5PM so we had 2 whole hrs to spare so we decided to go to Moxie's to have beer/brownies and watch the NCAA game San Diego Vs Uconn.
I of course was cheering for Uconn while Andy was all bout SD...i cant lie it was an intense game...

Uconn was doing great and making me proud on the court

And then SD came back strong and whooped that uconn behind.

Anyway the game was cool the movie was even better but what i loved the most was the drink Andy ordered its called Mexican Bulldog YUMMMMMM its margarita mix with a lil corona in it upside down and it tastes like heaven, the brownie was o so delicioso also but it was too good i forgot to take a pic of it ;)

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bclarke said...

oh, how i adore Moxies, and movies.. such a legit combo :) hah