Boxer's Shuffle

Finally i can move out of bed, i went to the gym two days ago and the classes kicked my ass, first one was pretty intense it was called cardio kick, the name tells it all it was a whole lotta kickin' second class i thought heeeeeeeeey why not, it was regular Yoga, i didnt know how unballanced i was until that damn class, for some reason i can stand still on the right foot alone but i can not do the same on the left...hmmm last class was kickboxing. I have NEVER went kickboxing before just boxing, cuz im just not a fan of kicking people....i dont see the point when im angry i do not kick, i punch i might bite but i do not kick. so anyway i thought it was gonna be a joke, i was paired up with this guy who was about 6' 250 lbs tatted up to the max sleeves and all, when i firt saw him i thought he was the instructor. we were paired up where he held the pad and i had to kick then the usual boxing rituals such as jabs, hooks and upper cuts yay fun minus the kicking of course UNTIL it was my turn to hold the damn pad, hmmmmmmmmm i'm 5'3 140 lbs (i kno big gurl eh?) lol anyway and this man is 6' 2sumthing lbs i wasnt ok with this AT ALL when i saw his stance his back was straight his leg was positioned propertly with his hand protecting his jaw and one ready to punch, i could not help but close one eye and wait for that kick to throw me across the room, he looked at me...i looked at him he positioned himself again then when it came to the kick, i closed one eye..... he slightly tapped the pad with his foot WTF LOL ummm that is NOT what i was expecting the trainer saw him and came up to us and said to him "..wats wrong man, i saw that stance from across the room and i was ready for u to kick her through the mirrors behind her" i turned looked at the mirrors, looked at my partner, and looked at the trainer like he was crazy. the trainer then says here let me show you how you are supposed to do it *omg* greaaaaaaaaaaaaat he then kicked the shit out of the pad i thought it was my last breath, then he said "see that wasnt that bad now was it" "nope , no im cool im good, yup just go ahead and do what he did" trainer then left then my partner said "im not gonna kick you like that, i just cant" =D wooo hoo! then it was my turn again and i was kicking that bag like there was no tomorrow lol cant wait until next class this time i bought gloves cuz i cant find mine anywhere, i gotta admit i underestimated kickboxing before, but it might be just as fun as regular boxing.

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