ey yo ma leh me holla at cha...

i hate being approached by guys in annoying ass ways!!!!!

hate hate hate it

i dont care how 'banging' you are, i got it all before ie:

i lost mah number can i get yours

omg you sooo sexy what would it take to get in there?! (ew)

the nice "my name is_____ what is your name?" (w/e)

the grabbing of the arm

i'm sure most of us can relate but TODAY!!!!! it actually made me say "aww" its was so weird.....let's rewind

i went to the gym and afterwords i decided to stop by this furniture store on the way cuz for the longest time i wanted them lazyboy recliners so im walking around looking around hoping one of em would catch my eye and i walk by these two guys that were looking at some furniture and i knew i looked horrible so i didnt care to even look at em twice im listening to my music and looking around and BAM one of em is infront of me, almost scared me to death so i take off my headphones and he says....

"i'm sorry to bother you but i couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are....sorry my name is Dwayne, my friends call me Wayne *smiles*"

"hi...you scared me, i wasn't paying attention, i'm zineb"

"nice to meet you...i wanted to give you this, i know you would probably think-i mean even my boy thought it was wack but...."

i look at this thing and omg awwwwww so cute!!!!!

this is what he gave me...

lol had to hide his identity....so this was a first, maybe i will call him.

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Anonymous said...

knowin his crazy ass keeps it in the pocket already done up..