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It's that time of year again! SUPERBOWL Weekend. I don't watch the game, nor sports of any kind but I can appreciate one thing. That is "3 million for a 30 second spot" for advertisements during the game.
Volkswagen dominates with "The Force" & "The Beetle".
And a Chevy ad with a cheesy skit to promote the new Transformers movie. Ahh, I love Bumblebee!
Justin Bieber teams up with The Ozzy's for Best Buy.
Stella Artois features a serenading Adrien Brody.
Angry Birds Rio will reveal a level code.
Danica Patrick for GoDaddy.com
And of course, the one who will take ANY and EVERY chance to remain in the public eye,
Kim Kardashian for Skechers.


Anonymous said...

this year the commercials were lacking comedy...i was def disappointed but the darth vader one was really cute

JyOti MATHAROO said...

They decided to be all BIG & BAD this year!
The little Darth Vader is adorbs!!!

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