Ginuwine x Chocolate Milk

Dear Ginuwine, 
I remember back in High School I was still a newbie and I was introduced to your music and instantly fell in lust with your words. Fast forward however many years later, I understand you want to maintain relevant like Diddy and you prob. want to make money but umm the new face of wholesale discount chain Costco’s ‘Adult Chocolate Milk’ ?!?
Why can't you just retire a legend? Lil Kim needs to take notes too! we loved you back in the day, we respected you, we bumped your music but sometimes you just have to let go and let the new kids do their thing, until of course the new shipment comes in.
your ex admirer


Anonymous said...

i feel the same way
now everybody's laughing at him lol and i can't really blame them..i try to remain a fan after all these years but he's making it very difficult

Nita said...

fuck Nebby. Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!! laughin at ur bold ass remarks more than his weak-ass comeback

Luv you boo,

Blogger said...

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