L'Oreal x Beyonce

I came across this comment:

"this just instantly infuriated me. why would they have beyonce who only wears custom made wigs gonna do this commercial for a product anyone with a first grade education knows she’s never used on her real hair LET ALONE her $1million dollar hair collection she keeps in a climate controlled closet. false advertising at its finest."

You know what? very true but wig or not....Damn B.
L'Oreal def. knows what they're doing...Beyonce WILL sell their products. Will people get beyonce's wig color?? That is highly doubtful lol


Brigitte said...

''Climate controlled closet.''

LMAOOOOOOOO! Get out?!!!!!

Nebby said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Nita said...

Beyonce's rocked some of the best weaves in Hollywood, but I gotta be honest. from lipstick to make-up. Those companies just want you to look good and act like it's their product that made you look that way.

as for her closet. brrrrrrrr!!! buahahahaha!!!!