Kim K

You know what Kim?!? NO COMMENT! Please see your ex friend's music career Paris Hilton. smh


Anonymous said...

her and her family have been milking the game for years with zero talent and i've always been impressed by their business savvy but this is too much time for KRAZY KRIS to quit...THEY ARE DOING THE MOST


Nita said...

Nebby ur so mean.lol. Damn, what is she goin for the whole Egyptian look? coulda fooled me. didn't think she had it in her. we'll if sleeping with ppl and having it recorded for millions of ppl to view it is a definite career boost, dont let her be the first one to say she's done it. #JustSayin Im not knockin her, just not rockin her. She's definately infamous, dont know if I'd ever respect her career start though


Anonymous said...

yea her n her family have been milking the shit out of everything but this is just retarded she clearly doesnt know how to get styled properly for the "music biz" she looks like an alicia keys/jamacian tourist since shes not black with that hair