if you ask me - im ready.

Initially I had a hard time trying to find out how this would fit in with my lifestyle but it's been the perfect fit so far...
.. depending on my mood it keeps me productive or entertained when im on the go. The available apps are phenomenal, the screen impressive and typing is a breeze. It's thin, light and allows me to leave my laptop at home and navigate threw web pages, e-mails and apps on a whim. The 9" screen is ample realestate to view/edit pictures, videos and text documents not to mention capitalizes on the interactive experience that Apple is famous for.
Now the cons: A camera would be nice- but it's not a deal breaker for me. (im sure future generations will have a camera anyway..) The biggest draw back so far has been the missing USB port.. essentially I've lost the freedom/ability to import or export anything (my music, videos, pictures, documents) without using iTunes. Extremely inconvenient.
..Granted it's not going to be a great solution for everyone -- If your on the fence like I was I say exercise the "return policy". Buy it, use it and if it's not for you then return it. it's really the only advice I can share if your at all interested in an iPad.
get it.. customize it to your liking.. and if it's still not something that simplifies your lifestyle take it back. simple as that. (always nice to have an unintentional rhyme close out a post.)

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