"Make a dream become a Reality"

A friend of mine flipped me this video on facebook a few weeks ago..i've watched it daily (at this point i can recite the speech verbatim) I searched online but couldn't find much background on who this guy is or what the "Advantage" program is so i don't have much context to share... but it's clearly a motivational speech an although the audience in video are youth the message is valid across all age groups... simply put its a great reminder of the work/sacrifices it takes to be successful (...cue the drake track here)... anyway it really resonates with me an hopefully you enjoy his delivery..


Mama Nshuti said...

everymorning i have to watch this video...great way to start the day!!!

Anonymous said...

just a question what religion do you believe in ?:)

Andy. said...


Anonymous said...

college student PERFECT timing for me to see this video lol i needed it, thanks

Natalie said...

I agree with anon, thank you. I'mma start watching it daily.