Disposable Jeans

When I heard the term "denim diapers" I though it was a revolutionary new jean for the elderly but it's quite the opposite.. it's actually the latest fashion driven creation from Huggies.. Huggies’ new limited-edition denim diapers, set to go on sale in Canada in June from an ad perspective: .. cute & funny - the winning combo when advertising to parents.. from a product perspective: ..granted not all parents are willing to pay a premium for these disposable jeans.. but in this fashion first world I wouldn't be surprised if these do well from a fashion perspective: im mad cuz he's stylin on me : ( Andy.


Janine said...

Yuck! But you're right, they will most likely do well.

bryan • thelegendsleague • said...

this made my day.. and reminded me why I have you guys as friends.

Andy. said...

cheers to that!