Bill Collectors

A man named Allen Jones is somewhere very happy a bill collector was harassing him on his voice mail.  According to the news report out of Dallas:
The harassing and threatening voicemail messages left on Allen Jones’ mobile phone are nothing short of vulgar.  Debt collectors from Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC left eight messages for Jones in August 2007 trying to collect what it said he owed on a credit card.
Most messages were laced with profanity and spewed racial slurs:  “This is your mother******* wake-up call you little lazy a** b****,” a collector said on one. “Get your mother******* n****r ass up and go pick some mother******* cotton fields.”
Yikes!  Luckily Allen got the last laugh after he sued the company and won receiving $50,000 in mental anguish and $1.5 million in punitive damages all because he owed a debt of less than $200!  Good times.  See the news report after the jump you lazy mother….


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nita_ss54 said...

Neb, to be honest, all bill collectors who buy off ur debt are thinking that probably...lol, but to say it...geez! Idk girl....I have some callin me now....(no lie) but I do wish that secretly happened to me! lol....just sayin....my motto is and will always be "bitches get their way but Nita has the last laugh" and if you look at it like that it's so true! think about it Nebbz! "bitches get their way, butNebby has the last laugh" hey, apply it and use it Idc....but glad to see ur back...I haven't been on my blog that much either...I kinda missed ya...u keep it real...and type how u talk...me too! but I gotta get back on my writing too...nice to have u back Nebbz! : )