pepsi helps you help yourself (& your community)

In the last 3 months a ton of big brands have stepped up to the social media plate but none more so then Pepsi. In todays constantly connected society the battle of the beverage brands wont be won or lost with TV and Radio ads but with social media. The standard twitter account or facebook fan page to increase brand impressions or keep your brand top of mind has quickly become "passé" and has made way for new creative social media campaigns like The Pepsi Refresh Project. A straight forward campaign where Pepsi foots the bill for your brilliant ideas to help "refresh" your community. How you get paid?: Upload your idea & project profile to refresheverything.com, then gather as many votes as you can by promoting your project within your online community. Ideas/projects with the most votes at the end of every month receive "refresh grants" to fund their project (grants range from 5k - 250k) You might wonder what Pepsi gets out of all of this? A: Your attention + thousands of positive brand impressions daily.. which is gold for any big brand that does business in a competitive industry like food & beverage.. A big pat on the back to Pepsi for this one.. -Andy


Janine said...

Andy, your posts are always awesome...even the ones about sports (yuck).

Andy. said...

wow, thanks Janine.

Nebby said...

HUGE pat! thinking of submiting one w the co workers