Oh Flash Mob how I luv thee..

H&M in San Fran used the ol' flash mob strategy to kick-off it's 2010 Spring/Summer kids line.. And although "flash mobbing/ ambush marketing" is an old strategy that's been used + abused for decades it's still one of my favourite grass root strategies for the simple fact that it demands your attention… See what I mean… you watched the whole thing… Why brands still use flash mobs: A: It really goes back to the "if it's not broken…" mentality .. Since the beginning of time flash mobs have been fun(for everyone) and extremely inexpensive not to mention when done correctly can do a great job of getting the brand message across to the consumer. With the internet and social media now playing Robin to "flash mob's" Batman I have a feeling these unannounced "random" events will be popping up a lot more often... -Andy

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