Great designs come from open minds and tight budgets..

Im no expert in interior decoration or design, and im well aware that Ikea isn’t always the best option for quality furniture but every year I end up pick up one of these: Check out the New Ikea 2010 Catalogue (US) (Canada) – although I have zéro background in furniture or interior decorating it’s always interesting to see what kinda room combo’s they come up with.. Andy, certified amateur interior decorator at your service..


Anonymiss said...

Andy is that your home?

I wonder what nebby ended up doing with that spare room... hmm, Andy to the rescue!

I love that catalogue, but I never use anything from it... kinda like the food & drink magazine at the LCBO, I HAVE to have that thing every new issue, but I never make anything from it... lol.

Andy. said...

nope not my home just saw the photo on ikea web page ... i could never do white sofa's not my style... lol

i would not be the one to call to rescue anyones room.. my room need rescuing hahah

im the same way i never buy anying thing from the catalogue - but every year i pick one up

Janine said...

yeah...what is that. I love the calendar and I love Ikea...but I think I'm more in love with their cafeteria. I've been there a couple of times and all I've ever purchased were ice cube trays.

Janine said...

I said calendar and I meant catalog. That's what happens when you try to do 5 things at once.