Just DON'T!

Video from Her Little Black Book I told you guys about her before, and what does my lil eye spy??? is that Mary ?! sho' is! hiii mary!!! Speaking of "fashion" I saw a girl dressed somewhat like... She took me to 2003 club days in Boston I just spaced out as all the old ass club memories flashed in my mind then i thought WTF did she really just do this?! oh but she did. WHAT YOUR FASHION DO NOT!! ? xoxo Neb


HLBB said...

Thanks for the shout out!



Anonymiss said...

holy LOL!

guy, I hate it when guys tie up their jeans with random shit... invest in a belt hobo joe!

Also I don't like designs in the beard, who told you it was ok to do that outside of fairyland?


AYO! stephie said...

wow, when one of the girls said lookin' fresh except for the shoes... that's my #1.

& dudes that wear EVERYTHING namebrand like coogi shirt, pants & shit -_- actually, jus coogi in general lol.

bape shit, played out.
more colors than a rainbow, nu-uh.
chest/back hairs all out, EWWW.

lmfao. i can go on all day!

India said...

all the bartenders in boston still dress like that ahahahha

Gabby said...

LOL at the random jersey bike dude.

i hate when guys have "iced-out" watches or big cubic zirconia earrings.

i agree with Stephie on the namebrand. Especially smedium sized Ed Hardy shirts tryna show muscles and shit.


Mary said...

LMAOOO yes you spotted me!!

ill have alot more videos of me questioning random people all over downtown about random subjects youll see them once its done editing :)

Anonymous said...

females in jordans or any other type of kicks . are we in highschool?