Audio Engineer/Podcast Engineer x Cashmere Thoughts

What We're Looking For: A detail oriented guy/girl who has a basic understanding of studio technology, is creative, and who will make the most of this experience. A person with a solid audio/radio background. Solid audio engineering foundation. Must have experience in multi-track software. This is not an opportunity to practice- opportunity for experienced individuals only please. Previous podcasting experience and general knowledge of mixing/mastering is a plus. 

Brief Description: 
- Interface with our hosts.
- Mix/master the raw Cashmere Thoughts sessions.
- Mixdown all Cashmere Thoughts sessions into suitable podcasting format(s).
- Depending on location- session all Cashmere Thoughts [radio] shows. 
- Must have familiarity with SoundCloud's user interface.
- Toronto residents would be a plus but we can work with what we get.

Is it you??????????
Email: ourcashmerethoughts@gmail.com


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