Moroccan Barbie

Cute ;)


Mary said...

is there an egyptian one? :P

Shakira said...

Very cute indeed. But her stylist should be fired, because her dress looks like a bootleg Algerian dress.

Mariah Carey knows how to wear Moroccan dresses, she loves frolicking around in takchitas, but she always make sure to take of the top layer and wear the sheer one as a dress, hehe.

Shakira said...

@Mary: Yes, there are actually many Egyptian barbies including the ones that represent the Old Egypt.

Shakira said...

@Mary: Some of the Egyptian Barbies: http://i27.tinypic.com/jubax5.jpg

Ps. What do the Egyptian women wear during festivities? Is there a traditional type of dress?

Anonymiss said...

whoa Shakira you got right into that eh lol

so when I was in dubai I saw a burka wearing one and one in a hijab, I know I musta took a pic of it but I'm at work... google.


wtf! I never saw the ken one! ha.

Nebby said...

I couldn't relate to this barbie's outfit but the whole concept is cute regardless.

LMAO anonymiss !!