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Win 2 tickets by leaving a comment about your hottest summer memory or your favorite summer shenanigans!

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Nisha said...

It's moments like these that make me want to live in Toronto lol. And that i had my passport so that I could go to Toronto. I can't win the tickets since I wouldnt be able to go, but my favorite summer shenanigans comes from Friends + Pool Parties + Cookouts. And the summer traveling. Haha I love it.

Janine said...

So...you're saying that you can soak up the sun, frolick in the water AND shop?? Who knew these things could be combined in such away?? I am so jealous of you Torontoans.

Anonymiss said...

that's my birthday... my favourite summer memory is being born... lol?

Anonymous said...

friends, food AND GOSSIP!!!


Tsedey said...

My favorite summer memory had to be summer of 2008. My best friend Helena had turnt 18 and as a bday gift we went to Ethiopia....since there is no drinking age, no smoking age no anything age, this was the first time of a lot of things.

It was the first time I learnt what a hangover actually was and that it didnt feel so good. But drinks were like 40 cents our currency (4 dollars there) so it made up for all the next day pain. Though we did a lot of thngs my mom may not be too proud of we did do a lot f cultural things.

During th course of our trip to Ethiopia we decided to go hit up Egypt... we missedour first flight :( Anyways let me just say i will never go to the pyramids again....i almost fainted from heat. But i did love riding the camels. I always say I can watch the pyramids on tv and I'll be fine. We went to Alexandria and had a blast at the beach, but on our way back was what really made an impression on me. We stopped at monestary. It was gorgeous.

I learnt about the trials and tribulations that Christians went through because of their faith back in the day. The churches were amazingly built.

Any2ay after all that we did some amazing shopping and watched Harry Potter..lol..how many times can you say you watched Harry Potter in Egypt.

Tsedey said...

didnt leave my email..

Shakira said...

Most definitely the summers I spend in Morocco, whew, 80% of the people over there are really something else. Arabs, Berbers from the South, Berbers from the Rif, Africans, Jews, Muslims: all crazy as fuck. I remember the night we were rolling around on the pavement from laughing so hard and we woke up some people who cursed at us and then offered us to come in and have a drink. (Bi-polar anyone? Or as they would call it: touched by a djinn/demon while they nod their head and whisper 'ouili ouili'). I miss the country and it's people horribly, but unfortunately my partner in crime (cousin) has grown up and decided to retire from doing hoodrat stuff. I have not been there since '04. :l

I'm not from Toronto by the way, just felt like sharing my story. :$ I do wish I could attend that other Toronto event called Caribana! Exotic food + lots of ass shaking + good weather = purrfection. Maybe one day, Canada.

Nebby said...

Thank yous! winner has been chosen ;)